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Costume Parties With Friends! Building Friendships!

Have you ever been to a murder mystery party?? I have had the pleasure of attending not one but two this year!

It all began when friends of ours began couples game night. The requirements, bring your A game but also bring a side dish! This concept has worked on so many levels because just about once a month, a couple will host a game night at their home. We get to enjoy each other’s company while eating food and laughing about all of the interesting things we end up learning about each other! Trust me when I say, we learn interesting things.

This year my friend (bff) and I were invited to a murder mystery party and at first we were apprehensive. After all, we had to dress up as Goddesses. I was given Aphrodite…the Goddess of Seduction. Oh BOY!

When we arrived we were happy to see that everyone was in costume. I get nervous around new people especially if I do not know anyone. Luckily the (bff) was attending as well. We had to be in character for at least 2-3 hours, I had to flirt with STRANGERS! EEK! All in good fun! The party was a blast and we suggested for one of our game nights, we would do just that, another murder mystery party.

For our birthdays, another murder mystery party was planned. This time, we were all dressed as Mobsters or Mafia Members. It was so much fun and any chance I get to thrift shop, I take. So I went hunting for a costume. I had most of the items already but I needed some faux fur of course! Some of us shopped at Halloween stores as right now is the perfect time to find a costume.

The party was a blast but what I love most about these parties, is how close we are all becoming. Not to give out too many details, but most of the couples have at least one military member who has transitioned out of the military. The camaraderie shows! We have had many laughs and we have created stronger friendships. We also share the fact that none of us are originally from Washington State, the military has brought us all here and I think it is pretty cool that we can all share a table of food and games! Please enjoy the photo, I hope to vlog one of our nights on Youtube soon! Stay tuned for that!!

mafia party
Friends and I at the Murder Mystery Party!! We look intimidating right?

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