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I finally did it! Our return to Youtube!

For two years our family has stayed off of Youtube. It wasn’t on purpose by any means but at that time my husband was transitioning out of Active Duty Army to the Army Reserves. I had taken on a different job and was working a consistent 40+ hours a week outside of the home. My schedule at work made it quite difficult to film on a daily basis and on top of that, I was no longer around my children as much. I will explain that in another post.

My work schedule changed at the beginning of the Summer and I started to film more video of my children and I started to realize that I missed editing videos of them and all of their milestones. I had also taken a backseat to thrift shopping as well. Not because it was difficult to afford that habit, but I had become uninterested in shopping all together. In fact I donated most of everything I had thrifted. I am currently trying to declutter all facets of my life… #thestruggles

I work two days a week on a graveyard shift and I had so much time to think. I would download movies to watch on my tablet to pass some of the time and then when that didn’t work, I decided to find new Youtubers to watch. This is when I realized that I really missed the relationships I had made while on Youtube. I started my channel back in 2009-ish to connect with other military wives while we lived overseas and I had so much fun making videos. I made amazing connections as now I have a wonderful friend here in Washington that has become more like family because of Youtube.  So one night on a grave shift, I revamped my channel. I deleted videos that I felt were irrelevant. I created this blog and deleted my old one because I wanted a fresh start. I even changed our name!

Yesterday I posted an update on my Youtube channel. Most of what I said here is what I mentioned in that video. I felt so nervous about filming after such a long time. I ended up filming at 2am when the whole house was asleep, realizing too late that my lighting would require me to make a lot of noise. So, I improvised and used my cell phone flashlight to create enough lighting to film! I AM SO RUSTY. I had to edit a lot of “ums” out of the video because I say “um” a lot when I am nervous. I will be improving my content as soon as I make more upgrades to my software. I am so excited about this.  So here is to a fresh start!! Thank you so much to all of our subscribers that did not give up on us while we were on a hiatus. Thank you to those who have shown new interest! We appreciate everyone of you. Can’t wait to share more. Sofia Explains It Allcover2

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