Working Mom

Tacoma: Snow-ma-geddon?!

Seattle has hit records today! They haven’t had this much snow fall since 1923! Grocery stores are cleared out of everything. Some like myself were skeptical on the amount of snow we would actually receive. Boy were we very surprised!

Backyard in South Tacoma, Washington

The statement I have received since snow started to fall is “you’re from the mid-west, you should be used to this!”

Well, sure I am used to snow, but there are a few major differences between Tacoma and near Chicago.

Here in Tacoma, we are not prepared for this much snow. Snow plows are not readily available to plow side streets and salt is not laid down in a timely matter. This makes it so much more difficult to drive in, even with an all wheel drive or 4 wheel drive!

One other major difference…we are near a military installation with soldiers and families that have NEVER experienced snow. This means, a lot more drivers who are inexperienced and I would like to add that WA drivers are not used to this much snow in general. It makes for a very interesting ride down the I-5.

My street alone has not been plowed at all. Leaving 11 inches of snow with ice to slide down, and I say slide down because I am on top of a steep hill.

When I was a kid, I LOVED THE SNOW, that meant a snow day and sledding all day. Since becoming a working adult, I do not enjoy it as much seeing that I am partly considered “Emergency Personnel.” We do not shut down at work unfortunately. I did however miss out on one 8 hour shift because I could not find a road that was clear enough to safely drive on.  I spent the day in a snow ball fight with my family and those moments I cherish!

The snow is beautiful to look at and that I cannot complain about. There is just something about a fresh snow fall where all snow tops are untouched and it is so eerily quiet outside. I love it! It is a part of home (Illinois) that I get to experience here in the Pacific Northwest. As I write this, I am staring out the window and seeing the snow flakes come down again. We are expected to get hit with more snow in the next few days. For all of you Washingtonians out there, be safe, and if you can stay in, please do.  Turn on your Netflix, brew some coffee, and enjoy the snow fall. This will all be over soon enough!!



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