Military Life

Thrill Lawn Care, Inc.


Who is Thrill Lawn Care, Inc?

This is a veteran owned lawn care company in the state of Washington serving the greater Tacoma area, and if you ask the owner, we service surrounding cities as well.

Did you catch the “WE” in the last sentence? I am co-owner of Thrill Lawn Care, Inc. Established May of 2018.

How did it all start? My husband started responding to requests on an app called Next Door. On this app, people would ask if there was anyone available to mow lawns in the neighborhood. My husband responded and began servicing several lawns in the Summer of 2017. With my husband going from active duty Army to the Army Reserves, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to earn some extra cash.

Thrill Lawn Care, Inc was then established the following year, fully licensed and insured! Our company grew significantly the first year, servicing nearly 20 clients or more per month. We felt so blessed!

Thrill Lawn Care, Inc is veteran owned and we are proud of this fact. We have been continuing our service into 2019 and this year we became commercially insured. Big things are happening. I am super proud of my husband for creating our brand and doing something he is most passionate about alongside serving the country with his military service.

If anyone has any questions regarding on how to start a small business, please leave any questions below. If you have any questions on our lawn care service and what we provide, please feel free to visit our Facebook Page, you can find a link on the main page under sponsorship as well.

Thrill Lawn Care, Inc

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