Renting an Air B&B

20190810_103708.jpgFor the first time in our lives, we rented an Air B&B!! Boy was it an adventure. We traveled to San Diego by car and we wanted our own space for 4 days. We decided on the rental you see above. It was super close to all of our attractions, 11 min from the San Diego Zoo. It was fully stocked with everything you could possibly need. Coffee and sugar on deck. Did you know that booking.com will try and charge you an unnecessary deposit? So make sure you call the renters directly to confirm this. I know we did! Well we did end up having two issues with our rental. First, it was on a steep hill so unloading luggage and two kids along with groceries was a challenge. The second issue was that there was one portable air conditioner in the entire house so it made cooking quite uncomfortable. Will we ever rent an air b and b again? YES! We saved money on our stay in San Diego. The location was super close to the zoo and Sea World. We even caught a Padres game! Our kids enjoyed our stay and we were able to cook meals for them. The convenience was amazing. If you have any questions, please let us know!! If you have ever rented an Air B&B, do you have any tips for our readers?

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