Beaumont Pets Alive


We adopted a new puppy!
We were headed to Pet Smart so we could buy supplies for our bearded dragon, yes we have one of those too!

On our way into the store we saw that Beaumont Pets Alive was located right outside of Pet Smart with about 20 pups lined up on the sidewalk. Our sons asked us to go look at them and I did not want to because I just knew my heart would melt at the sight of a pup in need. That is exactly what happened. Well Max, was there, the smallest pup and the most scared. He was rescued from a home where there were about 60 dogs being hoarded at a residence. I don’t know much else about his history.

Max Lukas was named after the characters in Stranger Things. He is one years old and if I had to take a guess, he is a Wire Haired Cairn Terrier. Max Lukas has some behavioral issues which is to be expected. He gets scared easily and will only feel safe on his dog bed or his kennel. We have been working with him to gain trust and we know we have a lot of work to do. That we are willing to do, to give our pup the best life.

On the second day home, Max escaped through the front door and I panicked! He hadn’t gotten to know the neighborhood yet so I thought he would have been gone forever. The husband looked for him by car and did not have any luck. I stayed home in hopes that he would return. I looked out the window thinking that I would see Max running on the hills in front of our house but I did not spot him. Apparently, Max ran into our neighbor’s garage and when I went back outside Max must have heard me yelling out for him because he reappeared!! How can a pup know his way back already?? I love that pup.

Max loves wet food, especially steak bits and bacon sticks. He is potty trained and leash trained. Max enjoys prancing around the yard when it is warm outside. I can’t wait to see how he progresses.

If you can find it in your heart please consider adoption. Beaumont Pets Alive are a non-profit pet adoption agency that do not believe in animal euthanasia. They traveled from Texas to Washington State to find homes for over 30 pets. I am so glad we have Max. He is a great addition to our family and our other pup has welcomed him in as his brother.

FTC: Beaumont Pets Alive did not sponsor this post in any way. We paid all pet adoption fees with our own funds.


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