Review · Working Mom

Hops n Drops-Tacoma, WA.

20190919_094132.jpgThis restaurant just opened near Frederickson, WA and a friend of mine and I decided we would go give it a try! Newly built and a great atmosphere. I ordered a peach ice tea to start and it was delicious. The wait staff came by the table several times to make sure we were doing alright. I wasn’t too hungry so I did not order an appetizer. The menu is filled with burgers, salads and various mac n cheese entrees. If you are in the mood for tacos, they have those too! I did order the street tacos and they are made of flank steak, seared to perfection. The corn tortilla just how I like them, grilled with a touch of oil. See for youself!!  20190918_132545So next time you’re in the mood for a lunch date, try this spot!! Seriously these tacos were so good and more than that, a great time spent with a friend!!

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