Midnight Thoughts: 20th High School Reunion.

Rochelle Township High School. This building no longer exists but the memories will forever!


You know I was thinking of starting this series on my blog called Midnight Thoughts, because after all, when working on my grave yard, I get this creative bug at around midnight. So I will just log on every now and then at midnight and just start typing about whatever thought I am having. Tonight it is my 20th Year High School Reunion. There it is, I have aged myself. I am one of the youngest in my class having yet to turn 38! Next month…

In exactly one month from today, I will be celebrating my 20th Year High School Reunion. I keep repeating that because I find it unbelievable that it is here…well technically it would have been this past May, 20 years ago, since I have walked at our graduation. AHH! Well tonight I think about whether I have accomplished what I set out to accomplish in what would have been my future and after some thought, I would have to say yes.

With all confidence I can say that I have done just about everything on my bucket list. You know, there were some dark times there too. A divorce being one of them which was not planned, but happened. At that time thinking it was a failure, but I came out stronger from it than ever and I learned a lot, so no, no experience wasted. I got remarried too and “started life over” at 25 years old.

In those 20 years after graduation, I graduated from the university, double majored, woot woot! My greatest accomplishment has been becoming a mother. I have two wonderful boys and a bonus daughter! I married the love of my life and he took me all over the world. I lived in Belgium for three years which I would never have imagined which made me realize that I should have studied French in high school! Oops! But all in all, I have lived and I am blessed.

Today, I am currently working in the field I studied and I am so proud of that accomplishment. Although I would have placed some events in a different order in my life…I believe everything was meant to happen when it did.

What I miss about being home is being able to meet up with my high school friends, you know to have a drink at a local restaurant and laugh about all of the crazy things we used to do. To sit around a bonfire and reminisce over old memories…I said old. I wish we weren’t all spread out all over the world. Some of us won’t be going to the reunion and quite frankly, I did not think I would be going either. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I did not think my work schedule would allow it. But they did and I am taking advantage! Thank you to my boss! Ha!

I want to say thank you to our class President and all of the event planners for taking the time to plan this night of fun. I want to thank them because Lord knows I have not been on a night out with the husband in so long! I also want to say that I have no idea what I am going to wear, I mean shoot, it is going to be the middle of October in the Midwest, someone help me out here! Anyone?

Thank you for giving me a reason to drop a few pounds! I have had 10 years to get this mommy weight off and I am struggling!! HA!

But in all seriousness, I can’t wait! So many familiar faces in one place. You know that part makes this all worth it. I moved from home when I was 22 years old and never moved back. I married military and the unfamiliar has become a bit depressing over the years. So I am looking forward to this.

High School me, in my favorite Nike Sweatshirt! My friends are awesome…yes 90s Awesome!

I can’t say I was one of the popular kids in high school, I was not an extrovert or super athletic. I stayed under the radar for the most part but all in all, my friends are amazing! I am happy that Facebook exists now because I have managed to find most of my class on there. I mean I have friends on there from kindergarten! Yes I am from a small town, barely on the MAP.

So I will leave you now since I am rambling on and on. I will update you later on, on how the night went!! Dinner, drinks, lots of them, and a fire pit. Friends. Friends are what matters most. HERE IS TO THE CLASS OF RTHS 1999! See you in a month!





7 thoughts on “Midnight Thoughts: 20th High School Reunion.

  1. Aldama:my high school reunion is next year my 10 year reunion. Sounds like you had a great time at your reunion.this is going to be my first high school reunion and I’m excited. I did yearbook my senior year and it was so much fun. I have mild Cabral Palsy on my right leg only and everyone was very sweet and helpful to me and I did choir too in my high school

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      1. You’re welcome. I cried when it was getting closer to the end and at graduation. I didn’t really liked high school but I loved doing yearbook in my senior year and my friends. 😍❤️🥰 even though I’m on a walker I know my school friends will be very helpful and sweet just like back in high school, and it’s not how we look ,it’s the personally and I’m still the same, I’m just with a walker. I am getting all the help I can get which is:physical therapy, hippo therapy and chiropractic work. God is my helper he helps with me with everything!! 😍🥰💕

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