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Midnight Thoughts: MOPS International

This week was our first meeting for the new year of MOPS International. If you are wondering what this is, keep on reading.

MOPS or Mothers of Preschoolers is a group of moms who gather, who may worship, brought together for one single purpose, support. I want to say that I started back in 2013, possibly 2014. At that time my friend Angelica was already a part of the group and she had invited me. I was so excited to finally meet a group of moms I could share stories with and make friends!!

MOPS International may be near you!! Follow the link to find your group! MOPS has been so wonderful over the years. We craft, we share stories, play games and we eat food. There are morning and evening groups, on different days so that you have an opportunity to attend. This year’s group is smaller with only four tables, a much more intimate setting. What really happened was that so many moms signed up this year that they split the group in THREE!

MOMS NEXT is the group that I am in currently because my kids are in grade school. Your table could include a table leader and a mentor mom. Our Mentor Moms are older women who may have older adult children, those moms we seek advice from because they may have much more experience in raising children. You can become a table leader or a mentor mom if you would like. One day I do hope to become a table leader.

Every other week I am eager to attend the group because we get to discuss why being a mom is so important, but we also discuss how we are much more than just moms. This year’s theme is so exciting because it is all about having fun, because we deserve it. As busy moms we get so caught up in the day to day life, whether you are grocery shopping for your family, dropping your kids off at school or planning the next meal. WE DESERVE FUN. So start thinking about the hobbies you want to do or the next place you want to travel to in this world.



I think God was speaking to me when I attended this past Wednesday’s meeting. I had a discussion with my husband on how I need to stop being so serious and that I needed to break up my schedule to start enjoying my days. Some days feel like all I do are chores. I WANT TO EXPLORE. I WANT TO GET BACK INTO MY HOBBIES!! I AM GOING TO START LIVING MY LIFE TO THE FULL! <—that is this year’s theme.

So if you are wondering where your MOPS moms meet up, just click on the link provided in this post and start searching!

We at Bethany Baptist Church are still looking for moms to join in, so if you are local to Puyallup, Washington, let me know!! This group is NON-DENOMINATIONAL, any mama is welcome to attend!

Did I mention there is free childcare?? 😉



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