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Midnight Thoughts: Starting Keto, Cold Turkey!

I started Keto…or shall I say I re-started Keto, lazy keto.

Keto, a low carb, low sugar, high fat and high protein “diet.” I initially started keto back in February 2018 with the intentions of losing 20lbs and I had almost accomplished it! But then I gave it up through that Summer because I wanted to enjoy whatever cravings I desired.

Fast forward through 2019, I was feeling unhappy, heavy and sluggish. I knew that I needed to make a drastic change as my weight was climbing up. I have been at my highest weight of 146lbs (Non-pregnancy). I am small framed only 5’2. Since having my two sons, I have found it rather difficult to take pictures that included me and my whole body! 80 percent of my photos are selfies because I was too ashamed to view anything else.

My body has changed so much since becoming a mother. I have a condition called diastasis recti where your traverse muscles are separated therefore causing a weak abdominal wall. This makes me appear pregnant because my belly pops out. With weight gain, the belly just looks imploded even if the rest of my body looks “slimmer.” On top of these issues, I was feeling so bloated all of the time as if I was retaining both air and water. It does not feel well. I DID NOT FEEL WELL.

12-05-19, 146 lbs, US Women size 10.

So on December 12th, 2019, I started the Keto Lifestyle, COLD TURKEY….by the way I have been having lots of cold turkey since then. No pun intended. Ha! Cold turkey sounds good right about now. “KETO CRAVINGS!”

I did this on a random day and before the holidays! I am a bit crazy. The reason why I went cold turkey was because I kept post-poning, weekend after weekend. The first time I attempted the Keto “diet,” I ended up losing 16lbs in 6 weeks, and there were cheats in between which stalled my progress and in turn I became discouraged.

This time around, I am becoming more strict and that means NO CHEATS. I really do want my mother’s tamales though and those are due to arrive through the mail this MONDAY. I will end up freezing them and when I hit my 10lb loss, I may just have one. I will have to factor in the carbs that day. I will let you know if that happens.

I know that there is controversy revolving Keto and for me personally, this has been the easiest way I can take the weight off especially with my work schedule.

I have had some people ask me why I decided to do this right before the holidays and I simply state that if I can do this with all of the temptations, I can maintain this through 2020. This is not my new year’s resolution because I have been thinking about reaching my goal for YEARS. I succeeded on NO CHEATS through Christmas! SAY WHAT?! Woot Woot! (just imagine me jumping through the air, fist pumping right about now!!)

So fast forward to today, I am on day 16 with no cheats, it is 1:13am and I am snacking on steak. (I am on shift). I find myself enjoying the food I eat because there is absolutely no guilt behind it. I love that feeling. I am also loving the results. I weighed in on December 26th, 2019, at 138.2 lbs. I am down 8lbs. I did not record the inches but I do know that I can fit into my pants again. I was at around a size women’s 10 and now I am in an 8 comfortably. It is working.

For consumers and readers. I AM NOT A DOCTOR. So I will not recommend doing KETO, please see your doctor if you are interested in this lifestyle change. I have consulted with my own doctor as I also have hypothyroidism. She stated, “do not just eat bacon, you have to mix it up!” I do get my labs checked periodically and if I do feel that this is or has been affecting my health in a negative way, I will stop. But for now, I will continue and monitor my success!!

If you are interested in any of the meals I prepare or the snacks that I eat, feel free to comment below. Or I can leave a very generic list right here…List of Keto Foods .

I have been taking a lot of pictures of my meals for accountability. I have been able to modify the meals I eat if I am visiting different restaurants. It is doable and you can ask for special made foods just about anywhere you go. I do however avoid all fast food chains unless I know I am getting a quality burger, and definitely NO BUN or FRIES.

I can’t wait to see what happens. Stay tuned.


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