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Midnight Thoughts: Keto Day 37

It’s 11:15 pm and I realized I hadn’t updated anyone on my “Keto Journey” and people, it has been quite the journey so far!! Now as a reminder, I do not recommend this to just anyone. Make sure you speak to your doctor first especially if you suffer from any auto-immune diseases. I have hypothyroidism.

So let’s get into it! First off, let me just say, this way of eating has taught me so much. Most of which is discipline. I have suffered through the holidays with zero cookies. Yes, I made it through the holidays with ZERO cheats. How? Just say no.

I have learned that you have to drink electrolytes to get you through the cramps and headaches. Replenishing electrolytes is so important. I have also learned that having Keto approved snacks will increase your chances of NOT cheating. Having snacks in your pantry to curve cravings has been super helpful this time around. I say that because this is my 2nd go at it. Keto approved drinks in the fridge is a plus. I drink things like coke zero or ICE flavored sparkling waters to curb my fizz cravings. Of course I have stocked my freezer with MEAT and VEGGIES. I crave broccoli and brussel sprouts! WHO KNEW?

I have to be super careful with this lifestyle because my work schedule is wonky, yes wonky! I work 3 day shifts and 2 grave nights. Therefore planning my snacks or meals can become quite the challenge. On my night shifts like tonight, I will be snacking on pulled chicken and a protein bar to get me through any hunger I may have at 3am. I will get off at 7am and go straight to sleep! I fast from 3am to about 1pm. Only 2 days a week. I could probably go longer but 10 hours is good enough for me. When I wake up in the morning, I have to have my coffee. There is no skipping that.

I feel good! I have energy and I can move around without feeling the soreness. I can bend longer and walk further. Before I started Keto, I would feel the heaviness in my lower back and it is gone now. I will be honest and say that anytime my husband and I would run errands, I would have him go run into the bank, or into the kid’s school because I did not want to walk in. That sounds terrible right? Well not anymore. I do the walking and volunteering. We park further away from the grocery store and I walk my dogs down our steep hill near our house! I find ways to add a bit of exercise and soon, will be starting aerobic exercise and weight lifting. Nothing too CRAZY.

THE RESULTS, in 30 minutes I will be starting day 38. I am down about 9lbs. I started at 146 lbs and I am hovering at 137.5. INCHES, well I wish I would have measured those but pictures do not lie!! So here is a sneak peek!

STARTING 146 lbs
137.5 lbs 01-16-2020

9lbs does not seem like much and I am not obsessing over the scale. NON SCALE VICTORIES are most important. The inches are falling off. THE ONE THING I TRULY BELIEVE AND HAVE LEARNED is that it is INCHES over POUNDS. Don’t focus on the scale. My pants certainly feel much looser. A WIN!

I do not want to end on a bad note but I do have to be honest about some of the not so fun things about KETO. You may lose some sleep. I feel energized so my nap times are less and less and for some, this may be a good thing. I have to take a small nap on my grave nights and my brain will not shut off. EEK. Let’s also talk about the toilet visits, whew…number one and certainly number two has been quite the adventure. Some people experience constipation, I have the complete opposite without being TMI. This can be normal for Keto, as your body is adjusting to this way of eating. There is a lot of information out there, so do your RESEARCH. The headaches and cramps as I mentioned above you may experience during the day or at night while you are asleep, drink water and replenish your electrolytes. My favorite…powerade zero.

All in all what has been so helpful to me is the support of my peers. I have friends online who I can share Keto recipes with, there are Facebook groups I have joined to get recipes and watch others on their personal journeys. My friends and family are so supportive. On our trip to California recently, my family cooked Keto meals especially for me at our dinner parties…that meant THE WORLD to me. So thank you so much for that. Thank you to my husband who will make sure I am fully stocked of Keto options, to my friends locally, thank you for answering my questions and offering recipes! Thank you for ZERO judgement.

My step daughter who recently moved back with us has started her journey as well. My nephew who is states away has also, along with his fiance. I can’t wait to see their transformations!! KETO ON!!! With each day that passes, you are winning!

RESULTS, INCHES OVER POUNDS!!!!! Tummy extension is the result of DIASTASIS RECTI (separation of traverse muscles).


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