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Keto Update: Day 75

It has been an entire month since I have posted an update. My apologies. I am still practicing the Keto lifestyle! Woot woot! (warning, this post will have tons of exclamation marks because of my excitement.)I have hit a plateau with only losing 11 pounds since I have started…but I haven’t gained, so that is a WIN! My clothes have fit so much better and in fact I have to start donating some of them. Inches are coming right off. Better yet, clean closet here I come!Some of the positives about eating Keto is that on some days I can just hop right out of bed where as I used to wake up sluggish! But when it comes to the evening, I am done by 9 p.m. and ready for bed. Not sure if this is normal for everyone. I find myself falling asleep on my couch more than anything! I am getting way more sleep than normal so that is a good thing.One negative aspect of eating a bit cleaner is that I have suffered with eating way too many green veggies. Broccoli and brussel sprouts are a limited quantity for me. I stick to cauliflower or a spring mix salad for the most part, ahh and asparagus! I have even made my very first spaghetti squash ever. Zucchini is my favorite though!I have been continuing to learn new recipes. I tend to scroll Facebook groups and Pinterest for new meals because I get bored often with the same meals. That has helped me so much this time around because I would have already quit if I was limited to the same stuff every day. I have also been drinking more water and quite frankly I have to trick myself into it daily, ha. I carry my water bottle around at work now where I used to just keep it in my locker or bag which defeats the purpose of having water handy. Not to mention, I would forget it was there. Now it is a part of my uniform!Dehydration is REAL. My legs cramp at night and my lips are so dry. Reason why I have started drinking about a gallon of water a day on top of Powerade Zero for the electrolytes. I still suffer from waking up in the middle of the night with calf muscle cramps! Ouch. Ahh and shots of pickle juice helps.Chaffles are one of my staples for breakfast and now for dinner. I must admit though that I do not shred my own cheese. I need to start because the cheese I use has potato starch in it to keep it from clumping. I have to start becoming even more strict with ingredients. I do tend to stay under 20 net carbs but I know I can tweak the smallest of ingredients to make a difference. I won’t dare go after anyone who has a different mindset on ingredients. This lifestyle is flexible.Research, research, and more research is key on this lifestyle. You may get contradicting information from the internet. Study ingredients and the effects on the human body from a reliable source. I had to also learn to keep an open mind. You may visit pages on the internet that will have what they call “Keto Police.” I have posted recipes and have been TORN to shreds over the smallest of ingredients. I do understand that there are ingredients out there that cause inflammation but still fit within a low-carb diet. Some will say NO to low-carb tortillas because of the wheat flour and some will say YES, they fit. Ultimately, you have a choice!! With any lifestyle change, it is what you choose. If you are starting out, research what works best for you.I personally have to keep in mind that I also have an auto immune disease, so some of the inflammatory ingredients, I do have to stay away from. But you don’t have to! This has helped with my stomach bloat and I do not retain water as much. I don’t eat pre-manufactured Keto bread or low-carb tortillas. If I have a bread craving I tend to make food with almond flour.Play with ingredients. There are some very great keto-friendly recipes out there. Pinterest is my go to if I am craving a different meal. Alfredo sauce is my favorite to make at home. You can pour Alfredo over anything…zucchini, spaghetti squash, and also asparagus! Ok enough about food. It’s time for lunch!Ultimately, because of my auto immune disease which is hypothyroidism, I do have to test my levels more often. This week I will go in for labs. I will update you on what happens with those. I hope to have lowered my dosage!Thank you for following my journey! Keto on!! I will continue to post updates every so often! If you have any questions for me, please leave them below!

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