Quarantined in WA.

Welp. This week we started by keeping the kids home. Schools shut down for 6 weeks. That means we will have a lot of reading and educational programs ahead for us. We did not go frantically shopping at the grocery stores. We normally keep food for 2 weeks. Keto is still happening in our household, focusing on freezing veggies and meat. I am home from work for a week. I will be back next week! I am blessed to have a job I can still go to as many  of us are not allowed to return until it is safe. All of this seems so surreal. As a child I can’t remember ever being worried about catching a virus. Although, we did not have social media back then. I think that has changed our views on so many things that happen in this world. I will pray for everyone. I checked my 401k today and yikes!! I am trying not to freak out! Please stay safe out there, hug your loved ones a bit tighter, we will get through this.IMG_20200317_211236_239

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