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Life Update: Self Isolation?

Good evening. This should be one of my “Midnight Thoughts” editions as I am writing this super early in the morning while on shift at work. Well about that. I am currently going to work as we are considered essential. I work in corrections. It has been a little scary around here, everyone seems to be on edge. With good reason. I wish we could go back to our normal. My kids are out of school for the rest of the year and thankfully my husband is able to be home with them. Distance learning has been a challenge lately. Our teachers have the kids signing into 3 different websites and nothing has to be turned in necessarily. I am in talks with the husband about homeschooling them instead because we have been wanting to anyway for their next year in elementary. This is the perfect time to transition. More on that later. My husband and I are still servicing our area with lawn care. That is our small business. We have limited our physical contact but there has been a challenge because our local dump is refusing yard waste drop offs. Not great for us! It’s ok and we keep telling ourselves that this is temporary. We care about the safety of others and our family so if we must scale back, we will. How are all of you doing out there?? The corona virus impacted our family directly. My husband lost a cousin from the virus. She could not fight it. May she rest in peace and we send prayers to her family. I was personally exposed while at work and was sent home for a week to self quarantine. I was anxious over it. I am doing well and taking all precautions necessary. I contemplated sharing this publicly when it first happened *3 weeks ago* but it seems that more and more people have been getting sent home, so it is not abnormal. Keto didn’t seem feasible at first but I stuck to it and on some days I feel like I am being selfish for being very specific with my lifestyle change with everything else going on. Not sure if these feelings are normal. I do get anxiety from time to time when I am at home. My kids are going stir crazy because they live in the outdoors. They play sports and love being outside. This is impacting them and my youngest is having the most trouble but he gets it finally. Baseball has been cancelled for both my husband and my boys. They were super excited to start but we are still hoping that they will continue later in the Summer. My husband is not attending his Army Reserves at the moment. They suspended all weekends and out of state trainings until further notice. Life will get back to normal soon!!! Well here is an update on keto…down 16lbs. I am at 131lbs. I fluctuate between 131lbs and 132lbs every other day. I’ve introduced beans. I know they are high in carbs but I wanted to see if these would have a major impact and surprisingly they did not. I always make sure to stay within my limits. I am exercising more and I am hoping to break this plateau. My goal weight is 125lbs. Here is a progress photo! Taken 2 days ago!! I hope all is well and please keep practicing self distancing. Wash your paws! I will be writing more consistently, sorry about the pause.20200409_222101

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