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Social Distancing Made Me Do It.

When you’re in self isolation, you’re forced to sit at home and with all of this time on our hands, we tend to find new hobbies. Well, mine was in the form of Tik Tok. As I hold my head low in embarrassment. I mean c’mon isn’t that app geared to teens more than adults?? Well I thought so until I spent more and more time on it.


Flower from a beautiful tree at one of our client’s home. I had to capture this beauty! 

I have found interesting “tik tokers.” Most of the ones I follow are military based, Latino based, Keto and Lawn Care based. Things that interest me. I’ve been impressed with new Keto recipes and overall cooking! DIY-ers are also my favorites. Let’s just say I have explored and I have recorded some videos for fun. If you would like to join me over there, I am at aldama-adventures. Interesting enough, many moms over 30 are on there and we are taking over!!

Some of the things I have been able to do because I am home is spending more time in the yard. I have been able to plan out landscape ideas and figure out what needs updating. I have been able to work with my husband a lot more on our small business. Don’t get me wrong, I am still working my full-time job. Self distancing keeps me home and therefore helps me spend less money. I am loving this because as soon as they open up Ross or TJMaxx, game over!

Anyone else thinking about FOOD during this time? Our grocery bill has tripled. My kids are growing at such a rapid rate and I don’t think it’s all of the snacks they are consuming! That could be it! But really, I feel like we are consuming so much more. My kids are so hungry all day long and they aren’t even teens yet. We are in trouble.

I have also gotten into card games. I am not one to sit down and play board games, those don’t really interest me and we own so many. Card games are my favorite though. At work, the youth have taught me Skip Bo and Phase 10. We play for hours. I have bought Skip Bo for my kids at home. Another activity I want to try with my 11 and 10 year old is a paint by video. I have acrylic paint and brushes already but I want to paint a portrait based on a Youtube video and see how it turns out. A paint and sip, and of course they will be drinking juice! Ha! My boys said they would participate. That will be interesting!

Quite honestly, I have been on my social media a lot. I miss socializing with my friends. We used to go out to lunch or coffee religiously and that is what I miss the most. Being on social media keeps me sane! I know some who have unplugged with all of the footage of the Corona Virus but I go on there to check in on friends and family.

I have also been decluttering. Story of most of our lives. I have gone through kitchen drawers and have tossed out so much. Tell me why my husband hoards ramen noodle spice packets? I threw those out. I also threw out utensils that I have no idea what use they have and how many measuring spoons do you really need? I think I had 4 different sets. I have definitely been rediscovering things I thought I had lost years ago. This might motivate me to finally paint my cabinets. But that’s the other issue we have been going through. The lines at our local Home Depot are REDONKULOUS. Yup that’s a word. I won’t take the kids to the store and my husband will only go if he needs something for our business.

Welp, enough complaining or sharing. What is one thing you’ve discovered during this social distancing? Or new hobby you have found an interest in, or rediscovered old habit? Let me know!!

For my Keto followers, I have been sticking with it. I need new pants but no where to go. Ha!!



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