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Camping at Coho Campground in WA

Good morning everyone, thank you for coming back to visit me on my page. Wow it has been pretty hectic lately but still not an excuse to stop writing.

A couple of weekends ago, I took some time off to spend time with my family. I mentioned in my last post that work sometimes gets in the way of enjoying life, so I made an effort to schedule some down time.

As soon as we got the green light to camp, we booked a spot at a cute spot in the Olympic National Forest. Camp Coho which is located south west of Tacoma on Wynoochee Lake.

Pre-Covid times, we would have never been able to score a spot at this campsite as it fills up almost a year in advance. We got lucky!

This campsite offers 38 spots so it is a bit cozy but still roomy enough for your family. We had the opportunity to build a camp fire and also fish by the lake. We didn’t catch any but the effort was fun for the whole family. BRING BUG SPRAY! We did pack a few cans and you will need it.

Can you believe that this was the first time I ever camped in a tent? I am 38 years old and never had the opportunity. Well it isn’t like I was volunteering for this experience. I don’t like BUGS! Besides the bugs, I just never imagined staying out in the middle of the woods. The view is gorgeous by the way! I was also afraid of being attacked by bears which isn’t too common as long as you put your food away.

We learned a lot on our trip. First and foremost, bring a lighter or matches to start a fire. We counted on a fire-stick and thank God my husband is super determined because we were able to start a fire. We cheated and I decided to use a paper towel to start the fire after attempting dry twigs. 30 minutes of my life I will never get back!

We arrived just in time to check into our spot at 3 in the afternoon. We made sure to grocery shop in the morning to get all of our supplies and traveled down about 1 hour and 45 minutes. As soon as we arrived we mapped out a trail so we could check out the area. When we finished, we came back to set the tent up with the blow up mattress. I love that mattress because it saved me from a lot of back pain. We were squeezed like sardines in that tent.

Overall, the campsite was super CLEAN. If you plan on going for the weekend, expect for it to be loud at night. We went on a Tuesday and some decided not to stick with the quiet time rules. That was the only complaint that I had. We were in the woods but it was as if my neighbors were throwing a loud party. Not expecting that at all. I get people build fires, drink, and such but don’t be loud until 2:30am. This made for a rough sleep. We woke up at 4am to the sound of rain and that was amazing!! I love the rain.

I posted a video on my Youtube channel. If you’re interested, please feel free to visit over there! We are at aldama_adventures.

Thank you so much for reading my blog, I appreciate each and everyone of you.

For more information on Coho campground, follow this link.

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