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Keto Update Day 259

Hello there!

I am coming back with another update on my Keto Journey. Let me tell you, I was a bit nervous that I would have fallen victim to the times…”Quarantine Weight Gain.” I am happy to announce that it has not gone that way at all.

I must say I had plateaued since March. I was stuck at 131 pounds for the longest time. I was aware of my food intake at all times. I began doing lawn care with my husband at least 2 times a week and I assumed that this would help me drop weight. That was not the case.

What I was doing to my body during the Summer was a bit surprising to me. I had actually started seeing muscle definition in my legs and my arms. I saw muscle cuts on my arms!! Say what!? My very good friend told me that I was stuck because obviously muscle weighs more than fat. I was still a bit frustrated though that the scale would not move.

About two weeks ago, I cheated with 2 bowls of spaghetti. I figured that the scale hadn’t moved so no harm, no foul. The following day, I went back to strict keto again. That weekend I felt the guilt of the pasta I had consumed and I was scrolling on my Instagram. I have been following an account called erineatsketola (Erin Eats Keto in LA). I read on her post that she had consumed carbs and immediately went back to Keto in order to shock her body. She had plateaued as well. To her surprise, she had lost more weight.

I felt that the post was speaking to me in a way. In the next two days I decided to jump back on the scale. To be honest, I have stayed off the scale the majority of the Summer because I was frustrated at looking at the same number. When I jumped on the scale that day, I had broke my plateau and weighed in at 129lbs. I was so excited to be in the 120s! My original goal has been 125lbs and I am so close! Now I do not recommend that you consume tons of carbs and do the same, this just happened to work and I do not know the science behind it. I am only making an assumption that my body had gotten used to my restrictions.

Currently 128lbs

Currently I weigh 128lbs and I have maintained this weight for the last 5 days. I am in a women’s size 6 currently. I must mention that I have had terrible digestive issues this week. My brain immediately went to Covid as it is one of the symptoms. I do not have any other symptoms currently so I am thinking that this could be Keto Flu. Back in March I had terrible digestive issues as well. I did a bit of research and I have a feeling that my body is struggling with the amount of fat I have been ingesting. I have been on high protein and high fat. I laid off my coffee for two days to see if it improves. I have also been drinking sugar free Powerade because I felt so dehydrated. Slowly but surely my health has been improving. I think I may have developed an allergy to cabbage as well. There is a specific salad that I eat that will make me have digestive issues. I will also scale back on dairy as well for the moment, my friend suggested that I start eliminating certain things to help pin point my issues. This Keto flu is the WORST!!!

One challenge that is approaching is the fact that I will be traveling to see my parents very soon. They make amazing Mexican cuisine that I will have issues rejecting! My mom makes amazing pancakes, fried potatoes and all of the homemade flour tortillas your heart desires. HELP! My father is an amazing cook as well and it will take a lot of discipline to say no to his famous breakfast burritos and lasagna. His French toast is my favorite! I think I can handle it! I am trying to mentally prepare for this! They are aware of my restrictions so they will not pressure me. Ha!

I hope to reach my goal of 125lbs by my 1 year anniversary on Keto, December 12th, 2020! One day at a time. If you feel that you have cheated while on Keto just get back on the wagon! We are not perfect and we do make mistakes. Don’t QUIT!

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