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Midnight Thoughts: “Thirty Nine”

I have been thirty-nine officially for 2 hours!! What?! It is my birthday today and I wasn’t too excited at first. Mostly because it is the last year of my 30s! Ouch!

I felt like I was going through some type of midlife crisis over the past month. I have been looking at buying a Lexus…it has never been my dream car! I have always wanted a classic Chevy Corvette to be honest, somewhere between a 1985 to a 1995. I kept asking myself why I was starting to get sad about heading towards that solid 40. I don’t really have an answer. I did however chop my hair off! That isn’t too far off from my norm though! I finally got to see my hair stylist. I have also been looking back at my old photos, you know when I was a teen and in my early 20s, where have the years gone?!


**Interlude/Update from my last blog post: I went on vacation to visit my parents for 10 days and I vowed to stay keto. Well that did not quite happen, there were cheats but not over indulgence. I thought I had failed miserably so I was scared to jump on the scale but I did it anyway the morning after returning home (09-10-2020). I gained…wait for it…4 ounces! This is my admission that I did not stay Keto, there were plenty of carbs, but I did portion my meals and I stayed hydrated for the most part. I can’t explain how I managed this, but it happened and I immediately went back to low carb/dirty keto.**

I don’t feel my age to be honest. I have never felt my age. I believe the social distancing this year has taken quite the toll on my spirit though. I am holding on though and making plans. I have gone out to coffee with only a friend here and there. I did have friends over for dinner and game night. Just 2 friends. We are respecting social distancing. It was nice to spend time with them. Next week I have another coffee date. So I am consistently trying to reconnect with the social side of my life. That keeps me sane.

Lately I have been re-evaluating my life. Re-evaluating who I feel are important to keep in my life. I know that sounds harsh but as I get older I have started to notice which people are truly in my life because they want to be. Let’s just say my Facebook friendships are dwindling down. That is perfectly alright though. We enter phases in our life where some values become more important to us…strong relationships, become stronger and those weak ones, fall by the waste side. I wish I could go more into detail with this but for now I will just say that I have gained more self respect in the last few months and I am proud of that. It is ok to let toxic people go.

This year will be spent surrounding myself with the people who matter most to me, whether close or far away. Keeping those connections make me happy and fulfilled. This year I will spend more time with my children. Less about work and more about my family. I have officially become a homeschool teacher this year! (more about that later) So if you have any questions about that, feel free to ask in the comments!

Turning thirty-nine is a blessing. While the world feels a bit uncertain right now, I am blessed to have turned another year. I always make goals on my birthday, not wishes. My goals to 40 are as follows:

-Pay my husband’s truck off. <— THIS will happen. We will make it happen.

-Invest more into our small business.

-Be credit card debt FREE! (almost there) <—THIS will also happen. Dave Ramsey is by my side!

-Take more paid time off at my regular job!

-Continue my keto journey….YESS!

-Choose the Lexus of my dreams…NOT!

-Get in shape, not just lose weight. I want to get physically strong!

-Explore a different career! Say what?! It is not too late.

-Be consistent on my BLOG.

I don’t know if it is because I am a Libra that I have a hard time making decisions but I want to change that about myself. HERE IS TO BEING MORE SPONTANEOUS at THIRTY NINE. It is time to let loose a bit and go rather unplanned, that’s so funny because I literally just made a list of plans right above. I do plan (there is that word again) to spend some time with a couple of friends later on tonight, they want to have a mini celebration for my birthday. Love them!!

HERE IS TO ANOTHER YEAR traveling around the SUN and living life to the fullest. No more negative thoughts, just positive ones! Stay safe everyone. Let’s continue to experience more!

I want to know how you all are doing? Do you have a birthday coming up? Are your kids back in school? If you’re following a keto journey, how is that going? How did you find me? Update me!

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