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One Year KETO-versary! The good and the bad.

Hello there everyone! I first want to start by apologizing for not updating sooner. I have been going through some things lately mostly related to my health.

On December 12th, 2020 I hit my one year on Keto/Low Carb. I should have been way more excited about this but in November, I started to feel sick. Muscle weakness, horrible acid reflux, fatigue, vertigo, and some other symptoms. I did go and test for the Covid and thankfully my test came back negative. It was a scary 3 days waiting for the results. After this, I went to the doctor to get a full panel of blood tests done along with an EKG. I had symptoms for a heart attack especially with my shortness of breath. My EKG came out just fine.

When I received my lab work, I found that my bad cholesterol was through the ROOF! I can’t completely blame Keto because mine is also hereditary. My mother has high cholesterol and she has experienced a heart attack at a young age (52). I do know that I need to decrease my intake of BAD, animal fats. I hardly ate processed foods while on Keto and limited my sugars, I consumed Monkfruit Sweetener whenever possible instead of real sugar. I can say that I did consume a lot of animal fats and high fat dairy. So what next? More greens and healthier fats.

I am torn between continuing keto or changing out my animal fats to more healthy ones. As far as the acid reflux goes, I don’t have an answer as my primary doctor told me to take Prilosec for the time being which is not helping. This week I will be making a follow up appointment to get down to the root problem.

I am one of those WEB-MD-ers, you know…the ones who research their symptoms then freak out when they hear the outcome could be something really bad, like death. I did some research on my symptoms and have found that the medication I was on for my hypothyroidism could have been the culprit. I did switch that up but my acid reflux/indigestion is still present along with chest tightness and sore throat. I joined a GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) support group to get advice from because I am at my wits end with these symptoms. I also joined so that I could stop bugging my husband about it!!

I have not been formally diagnosed so this may not be what I have. I am also experiencing high anxiety and fatigue. I tested extremely low for Vitamin D. I am currently on 64,000 units of Vitamin D per week. I am sharing because this is presently what I am experiencing. Maybe one of you who are on Keto can relate?

I have been scared about my health symptoms and I have been trying really hard to stay on Keto this past month.

My results of my one year on Keto, I managed to keep 20lbs off! I started at 147lbs and ended my year at 127lbs, missed my goal by TWO pounds!! Besides the symptoms I am experiencing above, I am doing ok. I wish I could report that I was feeling amazing but that would not be true. As soon as I find out what is going on in my gut, I will report back.

127lbs, 5’2, size 6 women’s.

For those of you who are doing Keto, have you experienced high cholesterol? If so, how did you lower your bad cholesterol? My triglycerides are optimal.

I have added sugar free yogurt and alkaline water to my plan in hopes to lower the acid along with Apple Cider Vinegar supplements. I am so contradicting as I take Prilosec and then try to do the opposite. Some people say that low acid could be my issue so I am back and forth on what I need to do. I can no longer keep guessing on my health issues.

My year on Keto has taught me so much. I am hyper aware of the calories, portions and carbs I consume without having to look at food labels. I am more aware of what I can order at restaurants and what to stay away from. I am highly motivated by new recipes and that is what has kept me going for so long this time around. If I do find a way to lower my cholesterol while on Keto, I am going to continue this journey. Changing the way you consume food is a personal choice and what fits each person. Keto is NOT for everyone. I will also follow my doctors orders.

I am in awe at how long I have been able to maintain. This past month I found myself very BORED with food in general but it could have also been due to my acid reflux. It was so bad that water gave me acid reflux. You all know that you have to stay hydrated on Keto so I was miserable for a whole week. I also forgot to mention that I had a wisdom tooth extraction during this time so I had to find foods I could consume while in pain. I did eat some mashed potatoes on one day and a Costco Croissant on another day. Being totally transparent! OOPS. It didn’t effect my progress as I was barely eating anyway.

Keto has been the change I needed in order to lose weight and inches. Overall, going gluten free while on Keto has helped my gut bloat and inflammation. It has boosted my CONFIDENCE in all aspects. No longer afraid to go in public wondering if someone was going to ask me when my baby was due. CRAZY RIGHT?? My stomach was my problem area any time I would gain weight. I feel good in my clothes!!

So the husband invested in some good camera equipment so I am excited to get better photos for all of you! Thank you to all of you still here reading my blog and for those of you who recently followed! Means a lot! I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Week!! I will continue to post!! More updates soon!

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