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Keto Update: Visit to Cardiology.

I wish I could say that it has been smooth sailing since my keto-versary but it hasn’t. I decided that because of my labs coming back with high cholesterol, I would schedule an appointment to check out my heart.

Two weeks ago I went and saw a cardiologists for some symptoms I was experiencing along with my high cholesterol. I was referred to go see him to make sure all was well with my heart. The cardiologist was concerned for me because I have very close family members who have experienced the same along with heart attack. I was prescribed to take a low dose cholesterol pill along with some baby aspirin to be on the safe side until I can lower my numbers. The cardiologist also suggested that instead of doing lazy/dirty keto, I instead cut out more of the dairy and red meat. He also suggested I stick to eating a more green diet.

Blood Pressure before treadmill.

I do admit those high fats were not healthy for me. What I mean to say is that the high fats I was so used to consuming were not the healthy ones. I have made some adjustments in the last week. I have significantly lowered my animal fats. I was eating breakfast meats in the morning so irresponsibly. Bacon, breakfast sausage, spam, hotdog, and Mexican chorizo were my choices. I had a meat every day for breakfast. NOT GOOD!! So now instead of meat, I choose a veggie. I either have spinach or a bell pepper medley. I also eat avocado in the morning for my healthy fat.

These last 2 months have been a struggle with having to decide whether I would quit keto all together or find a way to continue on. I almost threw in the towel and it completely started to show on the scale and on how my clothes were starting to NOT fit again. I gained 4 lbs back in the last 2 months and for some that may not be a lot but for me, I had plateaued for almost 7 months at the 131lb mark and that is where I am at. I always tell others not to focus on the scale. It is hard not to do that when you have come so far.

I won’t let this get to me.

So the cardiologist suggested that I get an ultrasound or calcium check on my heart, I know there is a more scientific word for this procedure that I am having trouble remembering. In this test they will check for calcium build up in my heart to make sure I am ways away from a heart attack or blockage. My mother had a silent heart attack when she was 52. Main cause: high cholesterol. My levels are higher than hers when she experienced her heart attack.

I was also ordered to take a treadmill stress test to see if I was getting enough oxygen to my heart. I was on the treadmill for a little over 10 minutes and everything looked good. That test was no joke having to speed up with the increasing inclines. If it weren’t for a cramp in the back of my leg, I would have kept going. The lady did tell me that I could have quit at 6 minutes. HA! Dang over achiever mentality of mine.

The fancy stress test!

I also am scheduled for an echo cardiogram soon. Wish me luck!

I am happy that I have chosen to take a tiny step back to evaluate whether I am doing more harm than good on Keto. I am taking preventative steps to make sure that my heart is healthy and that I make it to old age. Taking control of my health is my main priority at this moment and I will continue to modify my ketogenic lifestyle to fit my own personal needs. Some will call me crazy for continuing but the nice thing about keto is that you choose what foods to consume. You do not have to eat all of the unhealthy fats, you can choose healthier ones. You do not have to constantly eat red meat or “keto” advertised foods that are processed. YOU do not have to consume gluten or wheat products. Or you can choose to do that if it is working for YOU. I have never recommended this lifestyle to anyone because it is NOT for everyone. I am sharing my journey with you to let you know how it is working for me. I am not an expert by any means!!

The changes I have made so far:

Added more fish and chicken. Reduced red meat consumption to one or two times a week.

Added more green veggies.

Less eggs… the doctor said, less egg yolk.

Gluten free for the most part. NO BREADS.

Added lots more water. Right now I am around 3/4 of a gallon a day.

I have also began using Dymatize ISO 100% Whey Protein shakes as a meal replacement.

****I am not affiliated with Amazon nor do I make any money recommending their products to anyone. Just sharing what I use. ****

As far as the acid reflux/GERD goes, the gastro has ordered some labs in order to find out a root cause. The symptoms have been manageable but they are still there. Mostly trapped gas and acid reflux in the evenings.

I feel like I have been complaining a lot lately on my blog and I don’t want to continue to do that. I hope to have better news in the future!! My blog wasn’t meant to be centered around my keto journey but if you would still like me to continue to share my journey, I do not mind. Thank you for the follows and likes! I appreciate everyone out there reading my little online diary!

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