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Start of a New Season: Thrill Lawn Care, Inc.

I know most of my recent posts have been about keto so I am going to switch it up and talk about the start of a new season with my small business. I am co owner of Thrill Lawn Care, Inc. My husband who is an Army Veteran went from Active Duty to Reserves several years back and he initially started mowing lawns for fun. I know right?! Well that quickly turned into an opportunity and we decided to start our own business. This will be our 4th year and we are so pumped up to see what this year brings! My husband and I sat down recently to discuss our potential growth. We have many goals this year, from paying off our equipment to making our business more efficient. We are overall excited.

We opened our season this year on a Wednesday and that was because the sun was shining bright! We took advantage of the sunlight but we were still battling freezing temps. It started to warm up enough to start cutting grass. I typically help the business on my days off from my regular day job. Some people have asked me what I contribute to my business the most. I run all equipment which includes a sit down mower, a self propelled mower, hedger, weed wacker, blower, hard edger and hooking up the trailer to our truck. I can do just about everything to run the business on my own. I schedule clients and I know how to quote a job. The reason why I needed and wanted to learn is because my husband still gets sent out to train on his reserve weeks and weekends. Believe me, I would rather have my husband at all of our jobs.

Twig cleanups!!

I enjoy working on our business. I never thought we would grow as fast as we did but I am super thankful that we were able to do what we have in the short amount of time we have been in business. We are grateful to our family, friends and clients who have become friends. My favorite duty of the business is connecting with others on social media and believe it or not, hedging bushes!! Random I know. I don’t know what it is about hedging but for me it is so satisfying to do, like giving a fresh hair cut!

If you are interested in seeing any of our work, you can find us on Instagram under the username Thrill Lawn Care and on Facebook. There you will find a lot of our land transformations or beautification as I love to call it. We service Washington State, mostly in the Greater Tacoma area! Licensed and insured, commercially and residentially! <–that is important to mention.

If you have any questions on learning how to start your own lawn care business, feel free to ask! Thank you for supporting my blog! I will continue posting about my keto journey as that is still happening! These past couple of days my body has been so sore because I helped mow and rake this week! Ha!! Be back shortly with another post!

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