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Keto Update: Gluten Allergy & GERD

I am back again with a not so Keto update. I will do some explaining. My gastro specialist asked me to get back on gluten to do a celiac disease test. You have to have gluten in your system to test for anti bodies so I started to eat bread in February. This took me off of Keto and I started to gain weight slowly. It is crazy the amount of changes my body has gone through because of gluten. All of which I am now working to get rid of.

In the past month I have seen my gastro specialist along with my cardiologist. I have an appointment next week to go over my echo results. As far as I know, my heart is relatively healthy minus the high cholesterol. Since November of last year I have been suffering with stomach issues. Some people have told me that KETO has helped them with acid reflux and GERD issues but why do I still suffer while doing KETO?

“It is all in your mind.” I have heard this a dozen times and now I am starting to believe that my stomach issues are stress and anxiety related. I have tested negative for h. pylori bacteria in my stomach and I have tested negative for celiac disease. I am currently going back to Keto and trying so hard to eliminate processed foods. For so long I had programmed myself that carbs were BAD. In my case, with having two autoimmune diseases, carbs and gluten are my enemies. I have hypothyroidism and alopecia areata. In early March I discovered a large bald spot on the side of my head and I don’t even know what to blame this time. Could it be stress, anxiety, or gluten??

It has been a long journey trying to get answers. My gastro put me on 40mg of Pantoprazole which is supposed to help my acid reflux. My symptoms go from chest pain to throat pain, sleepiness and insomnia, muscle aches, stomach aches, acid burning up my esophagus to heart palpitations. Luckily I have found support on a Facebook group, but the conversations on there only confuse me even more. I have heard stress and anxiety can make you flare up the already existing reflux. AHHHHH!!! I just want to feel better. I found an interesting article that I will link here that basically states that TUMS and PEPCID have been flying off the shelves a lot more this past year…could that be because we are stressed over the pandemic?? Who knows?

I am such a goober at adding links, I hope the above article shows up!!

So I am slowly going back on Keto and have not give up on it completely so there will be more Keto updates as I start to heal my gut again. To relieve some stress, I have made an initiative to take more time off at work and spend it with my kids. I have started to pace myself when it comes to house work and small business work. We are at the start of our busy season and it is hard to say no sometimes but we have hired some help with our business so it can alleviate some of the stress. I won’t even go into the stress from my regular job, let’s just say we are short staffed and it can cause mandatory shifts. Pray for me or think of me please during the sunny days! <—- that is when we get the most call outs.

So far I have only eaten breakfast meats every other day. I used to eat bacon or sausage, Mexican chorizo or spam every day for breakfast. NOT HEALTHY for my heart. So I have reduced my animal fats. I will be going for labs soon to see where my cholesterol levels are at. In the past month I have also had some dental work and will be going for a wisdom tooth extraction this week, my wisdom teeth do not hurt or cause issues….so not even sure why I am doing that!! But I guess get them out while I have the time. I mean who volunteers for that??

I am sorry if this blog is all over the place, I AM A HOT MESS right now. Overall, I am doing ok, my family is thriving and the sun has come out in the PNW.

My current stats: I gained a little more than a few pounds. I am sitting at a solid 134lbs. You know I am not really focused on the pounds, my clothes still fit the same. I do exercise about 3 times a week not including the walking I may do at work. I hope to update you with more soon.

Thank you for all of you that have been here since the beginning and those who have recently started following my blog. It means a lot. I use this space to vent, share my experiences, and soon I will start posting more about my small business and Washington adventures now that the sun popped back through. Updated photo below!! <—-accountability. Excuse the laundry in the background!! Ha!! #momstruggles

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