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Midnight Thoughts: Two Veterans & a Gentleman

Our beautiful day today in Washington!

Let me start out by saying that this was a super busy day!! The hubs and I are preparing to take a week off of work and we are going home (IL, that’s where I am from) to go visit my parents. Whenever this happens during mowing season we have to rearrange our schedule to better suit the needs of our clients. So we are playing catch up for at least two weeks so we don’t leave any yard behind. On this day we scheduled to aerate and dethatch a lawn that requires rental equipment. This morning we went to our local Home Depot to rent some equipment when I noticed two veterans near a truck in the parking lot next to the entrance at the rental location. There was a heavy aerator (400 lb machine) right behind their truck. The two men looked puzzled at the idea of getting the machine into the back of the truck. My husband was staring at me from the inside of the door and at that time I pointed at the machine and flexed my muscles as if motioning to lift the machine. He looked at me and I pointed at the two men near their truck. He understood me because we often signal each other with our hands because we work with loud mowers and weed wackers. We were on the same page. These two men that were outside are Army Veterans, one with a white hat decorated with pins and the other with a black hat that had the Army symbol embroidered into it. These men looked to be in their late 60s, early 70s. What I didn’t know is that my husband had a conversation with the gentleman inside the store, the veterans’ friend. So as my husband left the store, we both approached the Veterans and asked them if they had ever operated an aerator. They replied that they hadn’t. I gave instructions to one of the Veterans as my husband taught the other how to remove some of the heavy weight off the machine. At this time my husband then took the initiative to help attach two ramps to the back of their truck and showed them how to use the aerator’s motor to load the machinery. The two veterans and the gentleman were in awe. Moral of the story, even on your busiest of days, it only takes a moment to do one act of service (kindness) to help another person out. We had been rushing all day to fit all of our clients in since it was such a beautiful day…and tomorrow we are expecting rain and even with all of this, we stopped to help two veterans and a gentleman. I must say that one of my husband’s most attractive qualities is his heart. Without question whether the men had been civilians and not veterans, we were prepared to lend a hand. I wish for this kindness to be spread to others. You don’t have to know a person to help. I am glad that we were able to experience this on such a hectic day. It made us take a moment to appreciate the day and the experience. The two veterans and the gentleman were so appreciative. Later that day we returned to the Home Depot to return the rentals and not a second behind us, the two veterans and the gentleman parked their truck right next to ours as they also arrived to return their machine. One of the veterans said, “you were sent to us because we needed you, thank you so much and here you are again as we returned.” I asked the veteran if he needed help unloading and he said “no, I think we got it, you both taught us how!” We then got into our truck and continued our day. My husband and I feel as we are blessed each and every day. There is nothing better than that feeling. Ahh yes, later in the day we saw a woman and what appeared to be her son on the side of the road selling Musubi…a delicious Hawaiian delicacy, I say delicacy because it is heaven in your mouth. I had never tried it before. I will add that picture below (spam, sticky rice and seaweed). Long story short, I purchased four Musubi and she put two extra in a bag along with a bottle of ice cold water. She said we made her day since she literally started her business, TODAY. She blessed us with extra food and some water and she didn’t even know us. I am telling you and I have lived by this my whole life, when you bless someone with an act of service, something or someone in the universe will pay it forward, it may come right back to YOU right away, a few days from now or a year from now. It has always come back to us ten fold. Be kind to others…that is what this life is about. Thank you for listening to my story! To find the Musubi if you are local to either Tacoma, Spanaway or Puyallup, Washington, visit groovy_spam_musubi on instagram!

The most delicious Musubi!

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