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Keto Update: Failing & Gaining

Failure is such a strong word. I fell completely off!!! It has been so hard getting back on track. I gave myself the excuse that my cardiologist wanted me to stop Keto. I shouldn’t have gotten so way off track. I also told myself that this Summer, I could count on putting in hours with our lawn care business and being more active outside would help. I only do this twice a week on average.

So this post is going to be about accountability. I gained 10lbs of the 21lbs I had lost last year. I fluctuate between 136lbs and 138lbs weekly. I can tell my waist has gotten bigger, mainly because I’ve had gluten. I do not have celiac but I am sensitive to gluten because it causes so much inflammation in my body. Ahhh help!!!

So far to minimize carbs and not go full on cold turkey, I make sure I do 2 keto meals a day. I have gotten so much better at eliminating bread again. The dairy I do eat is high fat. The worst non low carb thing I eat are chips…fritos and tortilla chips! I need to find an alternative and fast! I know what I need to do.

My husband and I will be doing low carb this Summer and sticking to more chicken and fish. Red meat doesn’t agree with us and we were able to finally admit that. I love my steak but not like before. I have zero excuses as to why I’ve gained. I definitely have not been disciplined at all. I own workout equipment such as weights, a treadmill & a punching bag. I should be using this on a daily basis. I should be drinking more water!! But why is it so hard? Ugh.

I feel like I let everyone down but mostly myself. So this is my pledge to keep on keeping on…is that how it goes? Tell me how you’re doing on your journey. Tell me your tips on getting back on the wagon. What has helped you the most? Are you sticking to keto or another lifestyle? I was recommended by 2 of my doctors to look into the Mediterranean diet. I may have to do this for my heart health.

Sorry for the late post. I’ve been way too embarrassed to admit my failure. Here is a recent pic as of 3 days ago. Yes I’m slowly becoming fluffy again but I will get back on track.

137lbs current weight. Notice zero smiles…

Thank you for reading my blog post. Please do not give up on me, I will make a come back! You guys motivate me to do better! Have a great night or day! Oh and recently a reader messaged me and asked me what my regular job schedule looked like and what I pack for snacks and lunches. My regular juvenile detention job schedule fluctuates on a weekly basis. I work 40 to 48 hours a week. 2 days I am on grave yards and 3 days, I am on day shift. This causes lack of sleep on some days and a terrible eating schedule. On my dayshifts, I bring breakfast and sometimes lunch to work. Most of the time our work kitchen offers carbs and more carbs with lack of protein so I must pack lunches to stay on track. For breakfast I will eat 2 eggs, one protein like sausage or bacon. Not every breakfast contains meat. Sometimes I will have high fat cottage cheese or shred some cheese instead. I get so hungry during the day so fasting is a challenge for me. So I have to pack snacks so I am not tempted to eat chips. Zero sugar yogurt or cheese helps me. I have been eating chicken in a can with a small spoon of mayo and red hot buffalo wing sauce. Love this for me. Anyway, on graveyard for tonight, I have pepperoni and cheese. Hubby made me egg salad and coffee. I’m also chugging water to stay full. Less snacky. My fridge is jam packed of veggies so those have also been my go to snacks, celery is a fun one. I have been loving green beans a lot lately with garlic and butter. Anyways if you have any more questions. Leave them down below!! Thank you as always for hearing me out.

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