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Keto Journey Update: I fell completely off, it happens!

I haven’t posted in quite some time, I don’t know if it’s because I have felt like I have failed or because I wanted to wait until I could say that I was starting over on this journey. I stopped eating Keto for a few months now because I wanted to get my cholesterol under control and honesty I felt so sick. I knew something was feeling way off. I have been back and forth to the doctors office in the past few months. I have had my labs taken a couple of times to which I have learned that I am low vitamin b12 and anemic now. The fatigue set in a few months ago. I have also gone to a nerve specialist for shock treatment literally. That was uncomfortable. Reason for this is because my arms feel numb like pins and needles, still no answers but I keep pushing. You missed me turning the big 40 back in October!! Wow, yeah, I should have come on here sooner.

Nerve exam. Ouch!

Besides all of these things, I have started my Invisalign journey!! More on that later if you would like a review! **few teeth pulled and some life adjustments.

So, as many of you know, when you quit Keto and start eating carbs, you gain weight. I haven’t gained all of my weight back but enough to know that I must be more conscious about what I am eating. I am currently 142 lbs, I had gotten down to 127lbs and quite honestly, I AM NOT mad or depressed about it. I know that I can start low carb at any time. I say low carb because that will be my lifestyle, plus exercise this time. Yes, I am getting back on the wagon! I don’t want to disappoint anyone but at the same time, I AM doing this for me. Your journey is yours and noone else’s.

142lbs and it all goes to my mid section. *excuse the mess*

My plan as it was before, more greens, more white meat and more vitamin supplements. Dr’s orders. I need to lower my red meat intake per my cardiologist. I want to be healthy and keep my heart strong. It’s obvious that our metabolism slows as we age so I feel that I am having to work twice as hard now. I know that I have given a lot of excuses as to why I fell off the wagon but if my head space is not in it, I just won’t do it. But now is the time. The first time I decided to do keto/low carb, I did it cold turkey during the holidays….here we go again.

If you have fallen off the wagon like I have and you do not know where to start, start by taking baby steps. You know you can do this!!! Thank you for reading my blog! I will be coming back with some book reviews, this lifestyle journey and my invisalign review/personal journey. Stay tuned! Please let me know in the comments, what you have been up to!!

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