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Stuck in Leavenworth, WA

What an adventure this has turned out to be. Today I am writing from Leavenworth, WA. We drove out on Tuesday, January 4th, 2022. At the time they were forecasting some snow but not enough to close any of the passes down so we would have been back by the 6th. So much snow has come down since then and we couldn’t move our vehicle out of our parking spot.

We were starting to stress out because I had to be back at work Thursday night, we were running out of food and we had to pray that the Air B&B would let us stay an extra night. No one could leave or come in for that matter. We were lucky to find out that we could stay an extra night. On Thursday we attempted to move our vehicle and it got stuck. With no where to go, we desperately dug out a path with our child’s snow saucer. Finally, the husband was able to place one single snow chain on the front tire and he was able to back in the vehicle to it’s original spot. To my despair I had found out that the husband had packed six MREs in his luggage in case we were stuck on a pass with no food to eat. MRE= meal ready to eat, military issued. Ha!! What a way to win my heart.

With the success of moving the vehicle, we were able to place the 2nd snow chain on the front tire and away the hubby went. He said the ride was no fun. SAFEWAY grocery was a no go as no one could drive up hill. He went to a local market, Dan’s Marketplace. He brought home some steaks, pizzas, pancake mix, bread and some other things that could hold us over. We are so thankful to our guardian angel because he or she has been looking out for us this whole trip.

Jan 7th, 2022 Leavenworth, WA

Today is Friday, January 7th and it’s my husband’s birthday!!! He wanted to come to the snow and what we didn’t plan for was that it hadn’t snowed here this much in 100 years!! We experienced history in the making. We were able to sled down the back hills while we wait to escape! All passes are closed and we are trying to make the most of it on this adventure! How many of you are out here too? We have been recording footage as we go and plan to return to YouTube this year!!

2nd day in, sledding.

Today we will venture out for a bday cake, some candles and Chris’ dinner request. The sun is out and it’s beautiful. I have zero complaints as the universe was aware that I was on work burnout so therefore forced a longer stay than anticipated. I apologize to any of my coworkers who’ve had to stay for me. I APPRECIATE YOU. Til we meet again, adventure on!

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