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Midnight Ramble: My Musician Turns Twelve

My son turned 12 in March. It’s hard to believe that 12 years ago I was in a Belgian hospital giving birth. Yep, you read that right, a Belgian hospital. At the time, we were stationed at S.H.A.P.E. NATO in Mons, Belgium and boy was that an experience!! My husband had been serving a 3 year overseas tour shortly after our first son was born.

A little history on my pregnancies. I had a c-section with my first born because my hips did not prepare themselves to give birth and my baby was big, 10lbs and 3 ounces big. My doctor in Belgium promoted a natural birth with my second son and I was scared. Apparently, the United States has the highest rate of c-sections in the world. My doctor stated that it was because doctors in the U.S. make the most money on them, or rather the hospitals. So she promoted a natural birth from the get go. I ended up delivering via scheduled c-section at 38 weeks with my now 12 year old because again, my hips did not budge.

At that hospital they had a mandatory 10 day stay if you delivered via c-section. When I delivered, I was told no one was allowed to stay with me overnight and that was the most loneliest I have ever felt. I also struggled with letting the nurses know I was in pain because I did not know how to speak French. I cried just about every night and I just wanted to go home. I had a 15 month at home at the time too. So I missed him on top of everything else.

Back to the original story, my son turned 12 last month and time has gone by so fast. About my son, he is a natural musician. The only wish he had this year was to have thisz beautiful black and gold guitar he had been playing at Guitar Center!! The first time my son had mentioned wanting a guitar was when he was 7 years old so his dad and I bought him a cheap plastic acoustic guitar from Walmart thinking he would get bored of playing in no time. He had asked for an electric guitar for his 8th bday so I made him a deal that if he could learn three songs by his birthday, we would consider it. He had three months to accomplish it, and he did it in one night!

On his 8th bday we took him to Guitar Center and he picked out his very first guitar, a maroon shiny beauty! Those two had been inseparable since then and my son soon started to learn so many songs, from The Eagles to The Beatles and everything in between. My brother is also a very talented guitar player that is self taught but he picked up his first guitar when he was close to 18 years old. Every now and then he will send him songs to learn.

My son started guitar lessons recently and had learned to read music and he has improved so much over a short period of time, so much so that he now corrects his guitar instructor. If the song does not sound right, he will definitely let his instructor know. Let’s get back to his 12th birthday.

My boy had been eyeballing this very beautiful black and gold guitar at the store. He had been allowed to play it during his lessons and he had completely bonded with it. I guess it’s like having a soul mate, when you know you know, but this particular guitar was way above the cost of any gift my son had ever received so his dad and I thought and talked about it.

My husband said this…”he will only be a kid for so long and he has a passion like no other, we can invest in his dream now because it will be worth all of the moments in the future…” ok so I may have made it sound a bit more dreamy than he did but you get the point right?   ***THE POINT IS, IF YOUR CHILD IS PASSIONATE ABOUT SOMETHING POSITIVE…SUPPORT IT IF YOU HAVE THE MEANS. 

We are so blessed to have been able to make his dreams come true. A birthday he will never forget. My son plays his guitar just about everyday and has learned so much more already. His passion for music amazes me and his love for classic rock makes him such an old soul. I just want to thank his family before him for passing down their musical genes because I know I don’t have it! My mother who can play by ear and had she pursued the piano, would have been amazing!! My brother who continues to play and whom my son idolizes, thank you for supporting him. Thank you to my husband for making it all possible and for making me realize if NOT NOW? WHEN??

Happy 12th birthday to my aries, my Andreas, you creative musical genius, natural athlete, smart, handsome, old soul, talented beyond measure, Belgian baby!! You deserve the world. I know if I continue writing this, I will start to cry because my last baby is now 12 and soon a teenager, I hope he will still want to hang out with me. If you would like to see how we surprised him, you can head over to my Tik Tok at aldamaadventures.


Back story, I almost forgot!! We had tricked my son into thinking that someone had bought the guitar right before his birthday so my son was beyond devastated. His words, “I cried so many tears and they were dried up by the wind…when I found out some man dressed in all black came in and bought MY GUITAR!” His instructor gave him that story when in fact my husband had put the guitar on reserve a week prior. So on his birthday, we arrived at Guitar Center **not sponsored** and needed a way to distract him to surprise him. His instructor was there and we had made my son believe that we were there to purchase an amp. So we looked around as his instructor placed his guitar in a case. We asked my son if he wanted the case just in case we would find a guitar at a later time. He said “ok” all disappointed. So there it was, his instructor had placed the guitar case on his amp and we told our son to check it out. He opened it to see if it was spacious enough… the look on his face when his soul mate of a guitar glistened back at him was priceless!!!

Priceless: ESP LTD EC1000

We will definitely be enjoying the sounds of music to come, well he better stick with it!! Ha ha!!! Thank you for reading and sticking by when I obviously get writer’s block. Some edits were made later in the morning as it was 4am on a night shift with only 4 hours of sleep when I wrote the first draft…which explains the rambles. Have a wonderful day!

Trying it out at home for the first time!!

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