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Keto Update: Day 75

It has been an entire month since I have posted an update. My apologies. I am still practicing the Keto lifestyle! Woot woot! (warning, this post will have tons of exclamation marks because of my excitement.)I have hit a plateau with only losing 11 pounds since I have started...but I haven't gained, so that is… Continue reading Keto Update: Day 75

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Midnight Thoughts: Keto Day 37

It's 11:15 pm and I realized I hadn't updated anyone on my "Keto Journey" and people, it has been quite the journey so far!! Now as a reminder, I do not recommend this to just anyone. Make sure you speak to your doctor first especially if you suffer from any auto-immune diseases. I have hypothyroidism.… Continue reading Midnight Thoughts: Keto Day 37

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Midnight Thoughts: Starting Keto, Cold Turkey!

I started Keto...or shall I say I re-started Keto, lazy keto. Keto, a low carb, low sugar, high fat and high protein "diet." I initially started keto back in February 2018 with the intentions of losing 20lbs and I had almost accomplished it! But then I gave it up through that Summer because I wanted… Continue reading Midnight Thoughts: Starting Keto, Cold Turkey!

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Morning Thoughts: Loving a Veteran.

Every year around Veteran's Day, I think about my husband and the time he has served. I think about the time we lived out of a hotel for almost 60 days because our housing was not available yet. I also think about the time we sat in Vatican City sipping on an eight Euro Pepsi!… Continue reading Morning Thoughts: Loving a Veteran.

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Midnight Thoughts: Finding Myself Again?

Whew. This post might be all over the place but I started to think a lot about my life this month when I turned 38! That and I also recently went home for my 20th high school reunion. That brought back some great memories of who I was back when I was a teenager, then… Continue reading Midnight Thoughts: Finding Myself Again?

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Midnight Thoughts: MOPS International

This week was our first meeting for the new year of MOPS International. If you are wondering what this is, keep on reading. MOPS or Mothers of Preschoolers is a group of moms who gather, who may worship, brought together for one single purpose, support. I want to say that I started back in 2013,… Continue reading Midnight Thoughts: MOPS International

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Midnight Thoughts: Marriage is Compromise, Fixing Myself.

I don't even know why this popped in my head but it could be that I was scrolling through Instagram and happened to view this post... Compromise is the first word I think of. When Chris and I first started dating, we argued about chores. Sounds crazy right? Well I had lived alone for a… Continue reading Midnight Thoughts: Marriage is Compromise, Fixing Myself.


Midnight Thoughts: 20th High School Reunion.

  You know I was thinking of starting this series on my blog called Midnight Thoughts, because after all, when working on my grave yard, I get this creative bug at around midnight. So I will just log on every now and then at midnight and just start typing about whatever thought I am having.… Continue reading Midnight Thoughts: 20th High School Reunion.